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Rex is a gifted teacher. My children had played the clarinet and flute for two years. He was able to quickly evaluate their strengths and areas to work on. He provides excellent, specific feedback with genuine positive reinforcement. His instruction is well rounded, including technique, music theory, sight-reading, and song playing. Rex has my highest recommendation.

            -Mary Jo HideckerParent 

Thank you so much for taking on Kate as a flute student for a mere two months.  I saw incredible progress in her ability.  She really did start at knowing nothing and before I knew it she was playing and loving it.  Thanks for your enthusiasm - I know it made lessons interesting for her.  She looked forward to learning and was good about practicing - following your directions as they were given.  I am especially grateful for your talent and willingness to share that with others.  I feel like that is the epitome of a good teacher - wanting to share what you know and doing it with enthusiasm.

            -Michelle EliasonParent 

“Rex Amend is a fantastic musician and rehearsal technician. Students learn so much more than just notes on the page under his direction. He's instinctive, efficient, and exciting!”

            -Vince Womack, Band Director at Foshay Learning Academy, Los Angeles, CA

“Rex communicated well with students and related to them spectacularly.  As a result, students were encouraged to continue striving to grow in their development as musicians and were typically exposed or remind of strategies, technologies (new and old), and tools that would assist them in that endeavor.  It was clear on numerous occasions that Mr. Amend had a clear idea of what he wanted to accomplish and a plan of how to achieve the goal he had in mind.”

            -Jerrid Washburn, Band Director, Green River High School, Green River, WY

“I had the good fortune to see Rex work with the Los Angeles Youth Jazz Ensemble this year and I was very impressed with his methods, knowledge, and “Bandside Manner.”  He is a clear and concise director and is able to give good input to all the sections.  I’ve worked with many musicians and educators in my many years in both professional and educational settings, and I am happy to say that, despite being young, Rex displays maturity and understanding of the medium well beyond his years.”

            -Dan Radlauer, Freelance Composer and Music Educator, Los Angeles, CA

“As a supplemental instructor for my music history class, Rex proved to be responsible, engaged with each student, and genuinely interested in their progress towards the goals of the class.  As a saxophonist, Rex is an exciting and engaging performer whose talent belies his age.  I would be hard pressed to cite another student I have known in the field over the past 20 years who compares with Rex.”

            -Katrina Zook, Professor of Voice, University of Wyoming